About Silverstone.lt

Hello, nice to meet you in Silverstonelt :)
My name is Emilija. I am a jewelry designer from Lithuania. Here on my page you will find my works, creative ideas, pictures of my working process, and sometimes moments of my everyday life. 
As about jewelry I am creating it about 13 years. This is the main hobby, which is now my work also. Mixing a different techniques, styles, colors, textures and shapes - is my favorite thing.

I also like many other things. Drinking tea, especially cherry or other berries taste. I adore sunny mornings and also evenings. Sometimes I like even the rain:) 
I just LOVE summertime, warm wind, blue sea, stars in the dark night sky, the songs of a nightingale, and many other things, which are named - my life :)

So, thank you, for visiting, please back for more news, I hope you will like them. Best wishes :)

With love,


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